You don’t need to grow up in Gymnastics to be a Gymnast

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You don’t need to grow up in Gymnastics to be a Gymnast

“Oh, well she was a competitive gymnast growing up so that’s why.”

I’ve heard that so many times while I handstand walk across the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, I credit a huge part of my athleticism to starting gymnastics at age 3, but it doesn’t make me more capable than any other athlete at 416. Even if you have no gymnastics experience, you can handstand walk just as well as I can. Here’s why:

Body shaping and skill basics are all you need to do any gymnastics skills.

“The ratio of basics/technique development to actually doing complicated skills is easily 4:1 in favour of foundational work.”

At every gymnastics practice, whether at age 3 or 15, we started with 20 minutes of conditioning, and then 10 minutes of basics before every event. I guarantee you that Simone Biles, Olympic gold medal gymnast, does hollow body holds at nearly every practice.

Once you master body shapes, it’s just about learning the movement pattern, and skills come easy. Take a look at the skills pictured, and notice how each of them consists of gymnasts moving through space in the body shapes and positioning that we teach you!



The gymnast kicks up into a handstand in an inverted hollow body, then tips into a tight arch and takes a step forward to start walking.


The gymnast is swinging around the bar changing from hollow body to tight arch positions


So, am I saying that after a few hollow and tight arch holds you’re essentially Simone Biles?

No. But if you dedicate time towards practicing correct body shapes to develop the bodyweight strength and positioning for gymnastics, you’re 50% there. Think of all the skills you could learn if you master the basics!

Join our Gymnastics program on Sundays and learn new drills and progressions that will transfer body shaping basics into the gymnastics skills you’re chasing after!

– Coach Karolina

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