What grip should we be using and why?

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What grip should we be using and why?

Hey 416 Fam,

Coach Hannah here. Let’s talk grip.

What grip should we be using and why? We often see really heavy deadlifts being lifted with an over-under (mixed) grip, which is a really great way to get a heavy weight up without totally taxing your grip. Even though this grip can be quite strong, I’ll tell you why it’s my least favourite grip and why I rarely use it even in my own training.

Although strong, this grip will create an imbalance of strength overtime, especially because we usually only go underhand on one side and not the other. The other big issue with this grip is it allows us to sink into the underhand side and often we see a shift of the hips into the underhand side (no bueno). The mixed grip should really only be used when your regular grip starts to fail. As a rule of thumb, try to save the mixed grip for 80% and above of your 1RM.

My preferred grip is the hookgrip, since it has such great carry over into the Olympic lifts (if you can hook grip a heavy dead, your cleans and snatches will feel like a breeze for your grip) and I find it less taxing on the forearms which is awesome during grip intensive WODS. I use the hookgrip on all my heavy lifts and keep a double overhand for as long as possible. This has made things like hanging from the pull-up bar, kettlebell swings, farmers carries etc. some of my easiest movements.

A strong grip is also really important for your bench and squat. Building your grip up in the deadlift is a great way to create a better mind-body connection to your grip for other movements, since the deadlift is probably one of the most challenging grip exercises!

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