Want to make big changes?

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Want to make big changes?

Start with the small things.

At the start of the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, he talks about the 2003 British Cycling team. A team that since 1908 had one Olympic gold medal, and had never once won the Tour de France. At that time,  British Cycling made a change and hired David Brailsford to take the reins. Brailsford brought in a unique approach known as the aggregation of marginal gains, which consists of seeking out tiny improvements in everything you do. In the case of the cycling team, they focused on improving every aspect of a cyclist’s life and tried to improve it by 1%. Some of these improvements included making the seats more comfortable, wearing heated shorts to maintain ideal muscle temperature. They hired a doctor to teach the cyclist how to wash their hands properly to reduce the chances of getting sick. They bought new mattresses and pillows to improve sleep.

After making hundreds of tiny improvements over a 5 year span the results started to become incredible. From 2007 to 2017, British Cycling won 178 World Championships, 66 Olympic or Paralympic gold medals, and 5 Tour de France victories.


Small habits lead to big changes.

As Clear points out in his book, improving by 1 percent each day for one year you will end up 37% better at the end.

When trying to improve your health and fitness, start with small habits. Trying to jump in with 2 feet, and ditching your current eating habits with a juice cleanse, or running 5km every morning when you haven’t ran since high school will never net positive, or result in lasting changes.

If you want to improve your nutrition – start by writing down what you eat at every meal, or use the MyFitnessPal app. Just knowing what you eat, will help to make you start thinking more before you eat your next meal.

Want to improve your pull-ups or push-ups? Start with doing 1 or 5 or 10 per day and add 1 or 2 every time you go to the gym.

Take your ultimate goal, then break it down into small chunks to create habits.  Habit will lead to big changes!

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