The 2016 Open @ CrossFit 416

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The 2016 Open @ CrossFit 416

We are getting a lot of questions about the CrossFit Open that starts on Thursday, February 25th.  Below is a brief outline of what the Open consists of and how CrossFit 416 operates during the 5 weeks of competition.


What is The Open?

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide competition that lasts over the course of 5 weeks.  Anyone and everyone is eligible to compete and we encourage everyone to sign-up, no matter your skill or fitness level.  The past few years have had over 200,000 people worldwide compete.  On Thursday of each week at 8pm, the weekly WOD is announced live on the CrossFit Games website (  The announcements are followed by high level CrossFit Games athletes completing the workout.

Once the workout is released, anyone who is registered will have until the following Monday @ 8pm to submit their score.


Why Compete?

While the ultimate purpose for the Open is to qualify for regionals and the CrossFit Games(Video), it is also an opportunity for any athlete worldwide to add some purpose and competitive edge to their training.  During the open each year we see a lot of individual achievements such as Muscle-ups, Chest to Bar pull-ups, Double-unders, or last year Clean and Jerk PR’s.

The Open WOD’s will also set benchmarks in your training.  You will be given a world wide ranking for your gender, age, and level (Scaled or Rx).  You can even narrow the ranking to region, or even just CF 416.  We will also program these workouts again throughout the year so that you can gauge the improvements in your fitness.


Friday Night Lights

At CF 416 we celebrate the CrossFit Open by hosting a Friday Night Lights event every Friday during the Open.  Open participants are placed into heats and complete the workout with coaching staff and volunteers as the judges.  The atmosphere is loud and encouraging thanks to the spectators party more commonly known as “Picnic Club”.  Picnic Club consists of food, booze, and cheering, with a different theme each week.  This year Picnic Club Queen, Crystal, has put together some awesome events and themes and promises to be an awesome party every Friday night!


Okay you’ve convinced me, now what?

1)Sign-up for the CrossFit Open, go to this LINK!!  During your registration, add a sweet profile pic, enter all of your info, and make sure that you select CrossFit 416 as your Affiliate and join the CrossFit 416 Team.

2)Log-in to WODIFY and register for the Friday Night Lights each week.

3)Crush the WOD and revel in all your glory!


To prepare yourself for the Open WOD’s, check our Competition Coach, Andrew’s blog post The Open is Nigh.


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