The 2015 CrossFit Open @ CF 416

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The 2015 CrossFit Open @ CF 416

The CrossFit Open at CF 416

Okay Folks! The CrossFit Open starts Thursday, February 26th and it’s going to be one hell of a good time. If you don’t know what The Open is watch this.

We’re going to be holding Friday Night Lights at CF416! Friday = GO TIME!  Friday nights’ 6:30pm class will be turned into the Open gauntlet of awesomeness.  This is a chance to throw down with your friends and for our community to work out and hang out on Fridays. How cool is that?!!

 Once you have signed-up, ensure that you join the CrossFit 416 Team under the registration.

For each Friday, you will be placed in a heat of 6 or 7 people. You’ll be taken through a comprehensive warm-up and WOD review that will include strategies and tips to complete the Open WOD.

Not sure that the Open is for you?  Well here are a couple reasons why it is:

1)The Open is for everyone from Rich Froning to the weekend warrior, more than 100,000+ people across the world take part

2) It’s a chance to challenge yourself and immerse yourself into our supportive community. 

3) You might be surprised about how far you can push yourself

4)You might be inspired by someone, or you might inspire someone else

5)All your friends are signing up! Take a look HERE

6)You can make a sweet profile on the Crossfit Games page and put up an awesome pic!

7)After the WOD you can celebrate your achievement by enjoying a few beverages with the “Picnic Club”.

 Don’t know where to sign-up…that’s easy Click HERE 

If you have any questions or concerns talk to one of the coaches. The Open is an exciting time at CF 416! So sign up, make a sweet profile, join the CF 416 team, and get ready! 


**Please note that Friday nights are the designated judging time, all of the coaches have volunteered their time to judge.   There is a $10 fee to schedule another time to complete the WOD with a CF416 Coach.

**Members are able to take the judges course and judge other members, the fee is $20 paid to CrossFit. Those that take the course must provide proof of completion to Rachel prior to submitting any scored WOD.

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