Strength Cycle – July 2014

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Strength Cycle – July 2014

After completing a very challenging linear strength progression, many of you saw substantial gains in the main barbell lifts.  This new cycle will be a change of pace as we try to tackle our imbalances from side to side with unilateral training.  We will also challenge our overhead strength and ability with Olympic lifting skill work.

Unilateral training is completing movements with the use of one limb. This cycle of unilateral training will identify strength imbalances and muscular weaknesses that may exist between your left and right sides.  The new challenge to your body will provide many benefits such as high neurological adaptations due to the longer time period it takes to complete sets.  The high metabolic demand will also recruit stabilizing muscles that are not utilized with traditional bilateral training.   It will also enhance musculoskeletal balance, movement and coordination, while strengthening supporting postural muscles.

During the Olympic Lifting skill days, the goal is to increase your proficiency and comfort in overhead movements.  Movement mechanics, speed and body awareness are important to successful training of these lifts, so note that load will stay very light

The following is the weekly breakdown of movements with videos:


Split Squat, 1-Arm Dumbbell Row, Ring Dips


Olympic Lifting Skills – Overhead Squat, Pressing Snatch Balance, Snatch Balance, Sotts Press, Push Jerk, Jerk Balance, Split Jerk


1-Leg Romanian Deadlift, 1-Arm Kneeling Dumbbell Press, Ring Rows


Olympic Lifting Skills


Barbell Step-ups, Weighted Pull-ups, 1-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press


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