Six Weeks Prep for the CrossFit Open

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Six Weeks Prep for the CrossFit Open

The 2017 CrossFit Open begins on February 27th (by the way you can sign-up here)!!  So the goal for our next 6 weeks will be to help prepare mentally and physically for the challenge.  Below are some of the different things we’ll be working on.

  1. Warm-ups – During the next six weeks, we will use warm-ups as an opportunity to develop more consistency in our gymnastics skills.   The typical gymnastics movements found in the CrossFit Open are Pull-ups, Toes-to-bar, Muscle-ups, and Handstand Push-ups.  We’re going to provide varied warm-ups that will test the capacity for those who have already mastered these skills, as well as challenge positional strength and technique if you’re still trying to develop the movements.
  2. Absolute Strength – Although work capacity is the #1 critical component in The Open, we are still intent on becoming as strong as possible.  During the next six weeks, you will continue to squat and press heavy through a variety of rep max tests and percentage work.
  3. Olympic Lifts – The Olympic lifts are a staple in the CrossFit Open.  All variations of the movements have been used over the years, at light, medium, and heavy loads; high reps, low reps, and reps maxes.  You are going to be exposed to lifts to develop maximal strength, and we will also focus a lot of effort on developing endurance in these movements – think barbell cycling.
  4. WOD’s – We now have 6 years of CrossFit Open WOD’s, so we’re going to get really familiar with them!  These workout are mostly classic couplets and triplets in the form of AMRAP’s and AMRAP Ladders.  We believe that familiarizing ourselves with the challenges of these workouts will better prepare us for the 2017 Open WOD’s and give us a chance to compare past results.
  5. Accessory Work – Volume and intensity can be hard on the body, so each day we will provide some optional accessory work at the end of the class, to help your body recover properly and gain all the benefits from the program.



Schedule and Daily Breakdown

Unlike previous cycles, this cycle will rotate through 10 days.  Saturday and Sunday are not scheduled days in the cycle.  Below is the daily breakdown of each of the 10 days:

Day 1:  Back Squat Intensity + WOD

Day 2: Power Snatch + Barbell Cycling WOD

Day 3: Endurance Training

Day 4: Press Intensity + WOD

Day 5: Clean +Barbell Cycling WOD

Day 6: Back Squat Percentage Work + WOD

Day 7: Snatch + Barbell Cycling WOD

Day 8: Endurance Training

Day 9: Push Press Percentage Work + WOD

Day 10: Power Clean + Barbell Cycling WOD

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