Six Lifts Update – June 2016

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Six Lifts Update – June 2016

Six Lifts has some exciting stuff going on over the summer, check out some of the details below:

You guys may have seen some our lifters working pretty hard these days. There’s good reason. Six Lifts Weightlifting will be competing at our first ever competition July 9 and 10th.  For all of our lifters, it will be their first ever competition, and coach Gys will be coaching for the first time too.  Gobhi, Grey, Kyle, Hudson, Dave, and Farah are very excited and are looking forward to some PRs. Come cheer them on at the 646 Weightlifting Grand Prix at CrossFit Toronto July 9th and 10th. I know they would love to see you there!

Our first ever 8 week Olympic Weighlifting cycle has begun! Congrats to the ladies who have stepped up to the plate and challenged themselves. Amy, Jana and Vicky are going to be seeing improvements by getting to try different exercises we don’t get the opportunity to use in our regular CrossFit programming. You’ll be seeing them around Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned…


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