Can’t string your toes-to-bar together? Still trying to get that elusive ring muscle-up? Struggling to kick up into a handstand?

Look no further! Coach Karolina and Coach Marta are hosting a new 4-week Gymnastics specialty program on Sundays at 2pm (Level 1) and 3pm (Levels 2 & 3).

Every week you will be working on gymnastics movements that involve the rings, bar and floor.

You will be lead through drills and progressions that dive deeper into the gymnastics world and help you take your strength & skills to the next level. Have fun with more extensive drills that go beyond the ones done in a typical CrossFit Group Class.

For each Level, there will be a focus on mastering the foundational gymnastics “shapes” and transferring that into the appropriate progression for your level.

The next 4-week cycle starts January 19th!

Level 1 (2PM)

Level 2 & 3 (3PM)

How do I know which Level to register for?

If you can check more than half of these boxes, then “Level 2 & 3” is the right fit. If not, you will benefit most from Level 1.

✓ 1 strict pull up
1 strict ring dip
1 minute plank hold
15s handstand hold with nose to wall
✓ 15s “L” hang

Still not sure where you fit? Connect with us in person or via email here.

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