September Athlete of the Month: Alex Tsanis!!

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September Athlete of the Month: Alex Tsanis!!

Born in Toronto, raised in Hamilton and now back working in Toronto. My family is from Crete, Greece where I lived for 2 years when I was younger. I still travel back there every year to see friends and family. I just returned from a trip there to attend my cousins wedding, which welcomed guests from 13 different countries in Europe!

 I work as a data scientist for the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. We focus on civic innovation and using new technology and approaches to bring people and information together.  It is a nice mixture of meeting people, understanding their business needs and then coding coding coding..

Over the past few years, fitness became less of a priority in my life and I found myself overweight and considerably out of shape. For instance, in January I was overweight and could only do 3 push-ups and could not run for more than 3 minutes at a time.

 I have played soccer my entire life and dabbled in powerlifting over the years, I knew I enjoyed both and started to think about creating a path that would allow doing both again. I needed a sport that would whip me into shape while building up my functional strength to achieve the above goal.

 Coming to 416 over a 6-month period consistently 3-5 time a week, my recent body scan indicated that I’ve lost over 20 pounds and sit at a healthy body fat percentage. More importantly, I feel much healthier and happier as a result and have been able to pick up soccer again.

Once the decision to go with Crossfit was made, it was a no brainer to come to Crossfit 416. I live two blocks away! 🙂

When I first began the physical toll the WODs would take felt overwhelming. The first class I attended included Bulgarian split squats and four 200m row sprints. I threw up in the bathroom after the second sprint. I remember hearing DK yell “I’ve lost a rower!”.

The support and positivity I’ve received not only from the coaches, but from fellow team members allowed me to endure the mental and physical pain and continue. That positivity has remained the entire 6 months I’ve been here, and I feel there are always new skills to learn and plateaus to break.

When we tested the mile run this summer, I was able to run it in under 7 minutes.  This really highlighted for me the incredible progress I’ve made while at 416. Simply walking a mile would have left me in a pool of sweat at the beginning of the year!

I’m currently working on push-ups and pull-ups.

I can’t think of my own WOD. I did some googling and this is right up my alley:


I had never completed a handstand in my life. Before a WOD, I was chosen to demonstrate how to do a handstand in front of a class of at least 15 people. I did it. That was terrifying but fun 🙂

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