September 2017 Athlete of the Month: Meaghen Vydelingum

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September 2017 Athlete of the Month: Meaghen Vydelingum

Hi, I’m Meaghen. I was born in Ottawa, raised in Toronto. I’m currently finishing my last term as a math undergrad – majoring in Statistics and minoring in Computer Science – at the University of Waterloo.  I’m interested in pretty much all things data. I was in Toronto on co-op this past summer, where I officially finished my last co-op requirement. Goo Me! Oh, and I have an amazing twin sister, Emilia, who you might be seeing around the gym so say HI!

I looked at CrossFit as a transition activity for a continued active lifestyle after being a varsity swimmer. I swam for four years at university, but when my dadhad his heart attack, it created different family dynamics. I lost my motivation for a period of time and thought that Crossfit could put me back on the right track. I definitely didn’t come to CrossFit because I liked the gym, in fact, I hated going to the gym. However, CrossFit introduced me a community of fitness-lovers, a new lifestyle, and a chance to get healthy again.

When looking at CrossFit gyms in Toronto, I wanted to find a box that felt right. I looked at many CrossFit websites, but I kept coming back to the CF416 website. It had a group basics class, which made joining seem easy. I didn’t have to talk to a coach one-on-one, so that meant that I could blend in. Also, I am super directionally challenged, so I would walk towards the CN Tower after work in hopes of finding CF416 (this worked every single time).
The first time I walked into CrossFit416, I was very intimidated, felt out of place, awkward, and nervous. I also thought Dan never smiled. Now, I can’t see myself not coming to CF416 when I’m in Toronto. It has become part of my routine, my de-stressor, a happy place where I found my motivation again. I found out that Dan does occasionally smile, although I still think he should smile more! 🙂
My proudest moment at CF416 was getting my first strict pull-up, but it was when I decided to come in before class to work on my strict strength. Up until that point, I had never actively sought to work on any personal goals, so this seemingly small step was more of a leap. Special thanks to Rachel for goal setting with me!
Goal setting has helped me focus on improving my strict strength with pull ups and handstand push ups. I’m going to start working on my wrist mobility for a better false grip. The end goal is to be able to complete a ring muscle up.
If I had the chance to create a WOD, I would have to create a partner WOD for the gym called SWOLEMATE.
1000 M Run
50 Wall balls (14lbs/20lbs)
50 Med ball Sit-ups (14lbs/20lbs)
50 Box Jumps (14’’ / 20 ‘’)
50 Front Squats (50 % of 5RM)
1000 M Run
There has been many happy/proud moments that I have shared with members and coaches of CF416. Some of these moments include Robyn’s and Rachel’s amazingly random dance moves, the PRCity test week with the 4:30 PM crew, the high fives/ fist pumps at the end of all workouts, as well as, the jokes and laughs with constant encouragement to push harder in any workout.
Thanks again,

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