Riding the Wave of Motivation: An Action Plan Following the CrossFit Open

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Riding the Wave of Motivation: An Action Plan Following the CrossFit Open

The excitement, ups and downs, and overall awesomeness that was the CrossFit Open and CF 416 League have come and gone. For most, it has left you ready and willing to improve on what kept you from completing a pistol, or cleaning 225lbs, or cranking out handstand push-ups. Now, more than ever, you want to beat your friends on the leaderboard in Wodify, place top 3 in a workout in the next 416 League, or go from Scaled to Rx.

Motivation is at an all-time high because you have tangible goals staring right at you. So how do you do it? How can you harness this motivation to reach those goals? Let us help you set an action plan!



Set your goals in a Member Check-in and identify barriers.

At 416 we try to sit down with every member on a quarterly basis to discuss goals, achievements and potential barriers through a Member Check-in. A Member Check-in will help us understand exactly how we can help you reach your goals. It’s your chance to get some objective data with an InBody scan, your coach will assess what you’re good at and what might need some improvement. They will determine how your current abilities and needs relate to what you want to accomplish. Using this information, they’ll be able to give you a starting point.

After your Member Check-in, you will have set the stage to reach your goals!



Are your glutes asleep from sitting all day? Does your knee swell when it rains? Everyone has something holding them back from optimal performance, and many are in pain on a daily basis and have just learned to live with it. Letting the problem linger, will only make it worse. Being in pain daily is not normal, and not okay.

Adding therapy and/or mobility work is essential to maintain a healthy fully functioning body. Our classes provide snippets of mobility and flexibility work every day, but daily focused work will make getting into bottom of a snatch, or running a lot easier on your body.

Programs like ROMWOD are great to use at home or joining the “Smash Bros” after the noon class will get you into a groove.

Fixing those aches and pains should always be addressed first, prior to setting off on your journey. If you’re dealing with specific injuries or deficiencies, book an appointment at our gym to see Melissa from OHFAST. She will be able to assess and provide necessary soft tissue work to help you heal and recover, and then give you some stretching, and/or stability work as homework to do before or after class.



Building out a training schedule with your coach that will maximize your training effort is what we’re

looking for. Consistency is key, and prioritizing coming to class, or personal training sessions will always yield the greatest results.

The variety of movements that we saw in the CrossFit Games Open shows the vast spectrum of tests that can be thrown at you at any time. So attending classes led by our professional coaches 3-4 times per week will ensure you are exposed to all aspects of fitness, which is important for overall improvement. If there are some particular skills that you want to improve, take some of the drills from class and work on them in Open Gym, or book a personal training session with your favourite coach.



You’ve heard this from us a million times. It is why we work

with BODZii, and run nutrition and lifestyle challenges. Dialing-in your nutrition will provide the greatest benefits for your fitness and reaching your goals than any other item on this list. More energy, more lean muscle mass, better sleep, less stress… I could go on. It’s important to understand exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat in order to maximize the work you put in at the gym. The plan a nutrition coach will set for you is a mix of science and psychology that is unique for every person.

If you’re looking for some advice and aren’t sure where to start, book a FREE Consultation with Coach Robyn.



Expand your breadth of fitness with a Specialty Program. Specializing for a short period of time, or just trying something new can be a refreshing approach to training. Throughout the year at CrossFit 416, we have some amazing specialty programs. These programs are designed to supplement your CrossFit with some focused specialty work moving you closer to specific goals.

Learn more about the programs below, grab a friend and sign-up!

Barbell Breakdown – A Program that will help you learn how to move better, faster and more confidently with a barbell during the Olympic lifts – the Clean and Jerk, and Snatch. Or get stronger in the main lifts Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press in the Powerlifting version.

Private Coaching – Use private coaching to work on specific skills, or improve imbalances. Meeting with a coach 1-on-1 can fast track results. Take that time to work on something you’ve always wanted to improve on, then go back into class and show off.

Handstand Clinic – Handstands got you (upside) down? Well, coming on December 15, Coach Marta and Coach Karolina are hosting a 2-3 hour clinic focused on building your capacity, strength and skill in the handstand. Stay tuned for more info!

416 Endurance – Our endurance program will help prepare you for any running race from 5km to a full marathon. Running is a skill, and needs practice to get good at it. Look out for the first session next spring!

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