Reducing your Sugar Intake – Part 2

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Reducing your Sugar Intake – Part 2

Let’s back up a minute. It’s great that these recommendations from WHO are available, but what does it really mean for us Canadians? Nutrition labels must list the amount of sugar per serving in packaged products, but they don’t have to indicate how much of that sugar is added. So how can we know if we are having too much?

An easy place to start is to consider if there are any sources of added sugar in your diet.

Take a look at the examples below:

•  Breakfast Vanilla Latte with 2 toast, peanut butter and jam
•  Lunch Salad with protein, fruit, chocolate chip cookie, water
•  Mid-Afternoon Snack Commercial granola bar, tea with 1 tsp sugar and milk
•  Dinner Chicken, Rice, steamed veggies, 1 cup of juice
•  Evening Snack Fruit

There are 6 sources of added sugar; the latte, jam, cookie, granola bar, sugar in tea, and the juice. If your diet it somewhat similar to the example above, you’re likely getting over 10% of your total calories from free sugars and mostly in the form of added sugar from low nutrient food sources. So let’s make some adjustments; swap the flavoured latte for plain, try no-sugar-added jam, keep your cookie (we are human after all), switch to a no-calorie sweetener in your tea or go without, bring a homemade oat bar with little added sugar, and replace your juice at dinner with water or herbal tea. By making small changes you can easily reduce both the amount of free sugars and overall calories you consume.

Now how do you go about setting a goal that is individualized to your lifestyle? Research has shown that if you set small, realistic goals in a reasonable amount of time that you are more likely to reach them. If you are a person who drinks pop every day and you make a goal to eliminate it entirely without allowing yourself any flexibility, chances are you won’t be successful. Having a black and white mentality to change is not beneficial when setting realistic, achievable, long-term goals!

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