Therapy Services

Therapy Services


Therapy Services at CrossFit 416 from Optimum Health Fitness and Sports Training (OHFaST)

“Be like a pro”

In the professional sports setting the training environment is complete with coaches and therapists.  Therapists help athletes prepare for their training sessions and manage their injuries.  In the best settings they will help them improve performance as well.  With this, dynamic coaches and therapists are in constant communication with each other.  This allows the coach and therapist to work together to get athletes back in the game and minimize down time.  CrossFit 416 has partnered with OHFaST to create the complete training environment.

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OHFaST will be onsite on Tuesday’s from 4-8:30 pm at CrossFit 416 and will offer the following services:

  • ASSESSMENT for injury management, prevention or performance enhancement
  • THERAPY for injury
  • PERFORMANCE THERAPY to enhance your training sessions

Assessment – 45 min

  • Injury – We perform a comprehensive assessment to understand the nature of your problem.  During the physical exam we will perform Orthopedic and Movement assessments.  This info will help us understand which structures are the main and associated causes to your injury.  With this information in mind we will create a treatment plan.  This plan includes: Therapy, Rehab exercises, and strategies for class modification and injury prevention.
  • Performance or Injury Prevention  – We perform a comprehensive assessment to understand your limitations.  We will identify non-optimal joint ranges of motion and issues with stability and co-ordination.   With this information in mind we will provide you with a prevention or performance plan.  This plan may include therapy, self mobilization strategies, exercises and techniques cues.  We will with you to increase your mobility, stabilize the unstable joints and reveal technique faults.  These errors may be the cause of future issues or the factors limiting your performance.

Injury Management – 30 min

  • After the assessment, therapy sessions will begin.  During these sessions we use manual therapy, rehab exercises, self mobilization/stretching and education.  Also, we will can modify your strategies (class modification or full return to class timeline) as you progress.

Performance Therapy – 15 min

  • After the assessment you can get 15 min of manual therapy before your training sessions to open you up before you load.  Specifically directed manual therapy can help you get into positions with more ease.  This is great for your training session as it well help with the quality of your training session.


A little but about Dr. Paul

FFCA5377-C897-40E7-AA39-86578DF9AF01Dr. Paul Oh

Chiropractor, Bachelor of Kinesiology, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, StrongFirst Kettlebell.
I am both a therapist and strength coach.  I believe wearing both hats had given me a unique perspective.  I have grown to understand injuries (the mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment) and how the body adapts to strength training.  This knowledge has helped me see the pain to performance continuum.
I work with my patients/athletes to move them along this continuum.  I help them remove their pain and dysfunction and teach them good movement patterns.  From there I work with them to create injury prevention or performance strategies.
My strengths are in movement assessment, therapy and teaching proper movement and strength mechanics.  I consider myself a teacher and humble student of movement and strength.  In my own training I have focused on Kettlebell and Barbell lifts.  Currently, I am diving deep with Back Squats, Heavy Swings and Get ups.  I try to lift heavy weights the right way.

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