GRIT Running

GRIT Running

Grit Running

Grit is the evolution of the CrossFit 416 Endurance program.

Whether you want to beat your 5 KM time, improve your pacing ability in longer runs, or get more out of your high-intensity training, This program is designed to help you build your engine. Utilizing running as our primary method, the we will build your endurance and stamina through challenging workouts that teach pacing and movement efficiency.

Grit is designed to supplement your regular training program. The workouts will contain both team-based and individually tailored workouts adapted to your current ability. We will utilize testing to provide accurate personalized workouts.

Grit is led by CrossFit 416 coach Andrew Everton. Should you have any questions, please contact him at


The Advantages of Our Approach

One of the benefits of running is that A LOT of people love to do it! In the US alone, the equivalent of nearly the entire population of Canada runs 3 times or more on a weekly basis. This provides an incredible wealth of data for coaches and athletes to use in the development of training programs designed to improve your overall conditioning.

Many runners don’t utilize this wealth of information to its fullest potential. Instead, people choose to go out for long slow distances, gradually increasing these distances without a clear plan or set of goals in mind, aside from simply adding kilometers. Grit is different. Our approach is to expose our athletes to a variety of stimuli targeting and challenging all of the body’s energy systems through a systematic and research based approach.


Here’s how Grit will work:

8 Week Training Blocks: Each Grit cycle is 8 weeks long and will take place Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30pm. The first cycle starts April 17th.

Establish a baseline: Each grit member will be tested on a short and middle distance run. This will provide us with the data we need to personalize your splits for interval sessions.

What You’ll Learn:  Intelligent athletes know when to hold back and when to push themselves. The training protocols will help you develop these skills.

Variety of Tools: Unlike standard running clubs, grit workouts will be supplemented with the tools to help you move stronger and better. These will include sandbags, medicine balls, sleds and other objects to challenge your ability to express your explosive power.

Social: The evidence is in: Individuals push themselves when they workout as a teamIn an effort to push your performance and bond as a team, we’ll get together on the fourth Wednesday and last workout of each cycle to get to know one another better by grabbing some dinner and drinks together.

 Various Intensities: In order to develop your anaerobic and aerobic capacities, you must train at various levels of intensity and time domains. The grit workouts will target and develop both of these systems to help you increase your work capacity and athletic ability.


8-Week Program Membership

$125 – Hold a CrossFit 416 Membership

$185 – Do not hold a CrossFit 416 Membership

10-Session Pack

$100 – Hold a CrossFit 416 Membership

$150 – Do not hold a CrossFit 416 Membership

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*The next 8-Week session will start on Tuesday April 17th.

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