Diapers & Dumbbells

Diapers & Dumbbells

Diapers & Dumbbells is the newest postpartum fitness class in Downtown Toronto!

We are looking for Moms for our next session. If you’ve recently had a baby and want to safely strengthen your body, this is it! Limited spots available.

Come connect with other moms and let your new bundle of joy play, cry, sleep or just watch you get a sweat on!

This brand new 6-week program is a great place for new moms to refocus on their health and wellness.

In each 1 hour class we will focus on safe movements to help you return to exercise postpartum without feeling stressed or any pressure about your little one being a disruption.

If you know a new mom looking to return to fitness in a supportive group, or if you’re a new mom with more questions please contact Dana at dana@crossfit416.ca.

Sessions are Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:30am-11:30am

Our next Program cycle starts February 25th!

Dana is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach who also certified in:

  • The Female Athlete Course by Antony Lo – The Physio Detective
  • Bulletproof Your Body – Pelvic Floor and Core – The Physio Detective


Ask your doctor for their specific recommendations, but the general guideline is 6 weeks postpartum.

Even more reason to start now! Our workouts are tailored to each mom. We can make them easier or harder depending on your fitness level and where you’re at in your postpartum journey.

Craving a little dedicated Mom time? You can absolutely come solo.

After the session ends, you can signup for another session, or if you prefer to attend the regular CrossFit classes, you can do so after completing our Basics Program.

Tuesday & Thursday at 10:30am.

Yes! This is designed as a “Mommy and Me” class where your little one hang out with you while you workout.

That’s the beauty of an all-Moms class; we understand blowouts happen, children need to be fed, or held, or talked to. Tend to your little one and hop right back into the workout!

No experience needed! We will teach you everything you need to know to safely workout each class!

Not sure where to begin? Book a FREE consultation today!

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