CrossFit Basics

CrossFit 416 Basics Program

Our mission with the Basics program is to create a helpful, supportive, and challenging atmosphere for all of our future members that is tailored to their individual goals and experience.

Based on the information you provide in your Free Consultation, your Basics program will start your fitness journey with a personalized physical education plan and individualized workouts.

Our Basics program introduces new members to the CF 416 Method.  New members will first meet with our Nutrition and Lifestyle coach to gain a better understanding of simple changes they can make to live a healthier lifestyle.  You will then complete five one-on-one private sessions focussed on making the gym a positive and encouraging environment by learning proper form, technique, and body awareness needed to be safe and successful in the pursuit of your goals.  Following completion of the 5 one-on-one sessions, new members complete a goal setting session to map our their journey at CF 416.

If you’re experienced in CrossFit, the Basics sessions are an opportunity to receive personalized feedback and instruction in order to build skill, movement patterns, and confidence.

Basics sessions are all about fun and hard work. There is a lot we want you to learn in order to feel confidence and competence in the gym. You coach will work at your pace in order to ensure that you make an easy transition into the program of your choice.