Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

We are well aware that working in the Corporate world brings long hours in an office, high-stress environments, and can have long term negative effects on the human body and mind. The driving force behind any successful company is the team of employees behind it.

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Over the years our community has grown and having most of them working in the Corporate world, they have experienced first hand the positive benefits that CrossFit can bring to their life.

Companies that provide an opportunity for their employees to workout regularly will see dramatic improvements in work productivity, mental health, physical fitness as well as all around workplace satisfaction.

CrossFit 416 offers a Corporate Wellness program that is geared towards empowering your team of employees. Depending on the size of your group, we can provide a customized wellness program to suit the needs and desires of your company. Anywhere from private group sessions, to lunch and learns we aim to deliver a service that will challenge, educate and motivate your team of employees. If you have something specific in mind please feel free to contact us and we can further discuss putting a plan in place.

For more details about our Corporate Wellness program please contact us!

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