Programming Preview – October 22nd

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Programming Preview – October 22nd

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re recovering well from the last week of programming.   We are heading to the second week in our cycle.  Our squat focus this week will be in the form of a Box Squat!!  This variation will allow us to work on the concentric(standing up) portion of the movement with a heavier load on the barbell.   We will also use tempo training in the Strict Press.  Look out for gymnastics skill work on Wednesday and Sunday in the form of toes to bar and hand stand push-ups.  Make sure you’re eating, and sleeping well to be on your game for some heavy deadlifts in Wednesday’s WOD, and Power variations of both the clean and snatch on Tuesday and Friday respectively.   Wishing everyone a great and fun week.

Below are 3 video’s of movements we will complete this week, that you may not be familiar with.

Box Squat

-Helps to improve absolute and explosive strength.
– Have a wider stance than regular squat stance.
– Stabilize your lower back by engaging your core.
– Initiate the movement by breaking the hips first and sit back.
– Sit on the box without rocking, bouncing or doing a touch and up.
– Keep the body tight entire time
– The shins stay almost vertical
– Stand up explosively.




Strict Press

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