Programming Cycle – March 2015

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Programming Cycle – March 2015

The Open is over, so it’s time for a new and exciting strength cycle!

What to expect:

The goal for this cycle is to get back to the foundation with 3 core barbell lifts: Back squat, Press, and Deadlift.

Level 1 athletes, will work along linear progression for all lifts.  This will involve incremental increases in weight week to week.  Your starting point will be determined through testing this week.

Level 2 athletes will work % based intensity, increasing the intensity each week.  The 8 week cycle will include 2 recovery weeks where intensity will dial back.  Testing this week will determine 1RM’s as a baseline.

We have also programmed 2 baseline conditioning tests that we will re-test following the 8 weeks to measure improvement.  The first test is the classic CrossFit WOD “Fran”, and the second is 250m Rowing repeats.  Both tests will be performed this week.



Monday – Back Squats + WOD

Tuesday – Press + WOD

Wednesday – Heavy WOD

Thursday – Long duration WOD

Friday – Deadlift + WOD (including Not For Time)

Rest and Recovery

From reading the info above you know that we have created a cycle with 5 days of work. We are confident that the order of movements will allow for enough rest and recovery so that you will see strength gains. However it is very important for each athlete to listen to their body and take rest days if needed.


The programmed skill warm-ups will be dialled back to 2-days per week (Wednesday and Thursday).  The other days will focus solely on preparation for the strength lifts.

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