October 2017 Athlete of the Month: Kyle MacKenzie

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October 2017 Athlete of the Month: Kyle MacKenzie

I grew up in Calgary and then moved to Guelph for university. It was actually my first time in Ontario moving into residence that first frosh week 5 years ago so everything was new to me. This past month I completed a masters in financial Economics and permanently moved to Toronto in May. I w

as on the varsity swim team for three years and swam competitively for four years before that. On the recreational side I now enjoy tennis, hiking, soccer, skiing, among other things.

While swimming at Guelph we had a strength and condition coach that had a box in Guelph. Since meeting him I’ve been interested in joining a CrossFit andfinally bit the bullet this summer after getting rather bored with going to a regular gym. It has been a great choice, I enjoy the competitive aspect and how you can always find ways of bettering yourself no matter how good you become.

My first impression at 416 was that the coaches were all very welcoming and focused on your improvement as a CrossFitter. This hasn’t really changed; I still think that the coaches really care about your performance and improvement not only in how much you’re lifting but also your technique, alignment and fitness overall.

While competing at this past Classic I realised that this was the first actual structured athletic competition I’ve done since finishing swimming over two and a half years ago. This made me realize how much I enjoy focusing in competition and competing to do the best I can.

Now that the cycle prepping us for the Classic is over I’m looking for improvements in my squat and deadlift strength, I know it’s basic but I want see these weights go up. I also want to increase my competency in kipping pull-ups and muscles ups. Lastly I’m looking to improve my overhead strength and stability.

If given the chance here is what I would program as a class WOD

3 rounds of

5 deadlifts @225

10 Pullups

300m Run

It’s short and sweet so you had better sprint the runs.

Looking back on my short time at 416, so far my best memory was the atmosphere and support at the Classic.  Everyone was cheering each other on and competitors were pushing their limits. I wanted to break 200lbs on the clean and jerk but unfortunately I only got the clean but I think this is a bit of a milestone for me. But I want to continue getting stronger and make 200lbs look light.



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