November 2017 Athlete of the Month: Keren Kurtz

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November 2017 Athlete of the Month: Keren Kurtz

I was born and raised here in Toronto, and work as a Digital Artist artist on feature films and television.

Back in 2013 when my bootcamp gym was closing down, a friend mentioned a crossfit gym that she would walk past often (CF416 specifically), which was very close to my home. So I became immediately interested in trying something new, and signed up for the elements classes. My goal was to find classes that would kick my ass. I found that here and never looked back.

From Day One, I was very impressed with the coaching. I felt very comfortable and welcomed and I was pushed to my limits, while being shown good form, in every single class. Not only did I find a great place to workout, I also found a community, some great friendships and inspiring motivation.

I’ve had several proud moments at CF416. One being hitting a PR of 215 in my back squat. That being my favorite lift, I was devastated when I hurt my knee a year ago in a bike accident. I’m now almost completely recovered from it, and am trying to work my way back up there. A more recent proud moment is when Dan asked me to be athlete of the month. It really is a great honour!

Something else I love about CF416 is everything else they have to offer, aside from simply being a box with regular classes. For example, Grit class (or Endurance, last summer) is something I’ve been taking full advantage of to become better at running. Running is something that I’ve always dreaded, but the classes have allowed me to find enjoyment as I’ve improved. It is something I will continue working on through the winter, and in turn I expect it will continue to show improvement in my WOD’s.

If I were to create a WOD it would be called “Keren With An E”, and it would consist of:

5 rounds:

30 wallballs

20 box jumps

10 back squats 135/95

(I do love lower body workouts)

One of my favorite memories is when my team won the Crossfit Comp 2 years ago. It was great knowing that I made some contribution to that achievement, and made me feel super strong!

Thank you to the fantastic coaches for keeping my motivation high to continue coming to class regularly, and to the wonderful people I’ve met in these past 4 years and change.

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