New Strength/Skill Cycle

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New Strength/Skill Cycle

We have done some testing over the last couple weeks, and we are now ready to dive into a new cycle.  This cycle will focus on squatting and your choice of an advanced gymnastics skill.  We will be squatting on Monday and Thursday, and working our skill on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Practice makes perfect, so over the next 4 weeks you will choose one of the following skills to work on 3 day’s a week:

Strict Pull-ups

Kipping Pull-ups

Handstand Push-ups


Walking Handstands

Kipping Muscle-ups

We have provided video’s for some of the movement progressions that can be found through the following links Kipping-Pull-upsHandstands, Kipping Muscle-ups.  Please review the videos and note that you will complete the progressions in order and only move on once you show your coach your ability.

This cycle will give you a chance to really master one of these complex skills as well as get some heavy squatting in.  It’s only 4 weeks long, so let’s go hard and reap the benefits.




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