New Strength Cycle – September 2014

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New Strength Cycle – September 2014

Starting this week we will embark on a new 6 week strength cycle.  We have some new idea’s that we’re trying out, all of which are explained below.  The make up of each week is as follows:


Monday – Cleans and Front Squats + Not for Time (NFT) WOD

Tuesday – Handstand work + WOD

Wednesday – Mixed modal long WOD

Thursday – Snatch and Back Squats + NFT  WOD with a HEAVY Carry

Friday – Gymnastics Skills + Mixed Modal WOD



Throughout this cycle you will see two different levels of programming.

Level 1:   These workouts are for all newcomers to CrossFit but are also appropriate for many of you that are still working on base strength and lower difficulty skills.  Level 1 strength work will focus on positioning and movement mechanics while following a linear  progression in the main barbell lifts.

Level 2: These workouts are for more experienced members who have spent several months to years developing a solid strength foundation and high level of competency in technical lifts and gymnastics movements.  Level 2 WODs will include Rx weights and more complex movements.    Level 2 strength work will focus on pushing the intensity in the Olympic lifts, while varying the stimulus in the main barbell lifts.

How do I know what level I’m at?

Off the bat, all new members out of Elements will be required to follow Level 1 for 6 months.  Current members can self-identify their level based on perceived current stage of development, goals or abilities.  For some of you, this can change workout to workout, depending the your ability with certain movements.  If you are very unclear which level you should choose on a given day, please consult with the coach.

Not for Time

During this cycle you will also see WOD’s that are posted as “Not for time” (NFT) .  Not for time work will take the place of the traditional CrossFit WODs on days where there will be a higher volume in our strength work.  This training will help supplement those lifts in a few different ways.  It will be used as assistance work where the primary focus is to help develop muscle groups and movement mechanics used in strength work or WODs.  This works, because it takes out the intensity you would traditionally see in a WOD and allows you to focus on properly executing the lift.  Not for time work will also include some unilateral and stabilization exercises to correct any muscle imbalances.  This work will also challenge you with movements you wouldn’t traditionally see in a CrossFit WOD.

So next time you see NFT work understand that the aim of taking the clock away is to allow you to troubleshoot movements and work towards perfection with every rep.  This is your time to push yourself through range of motion issues, coordination miscues or whatever part of the lift you struggle with to gain a significant stimulus.


We understand that each person has their own schedule and with certain movements dedicated to certain days, you may miss the same movement each week.  What is important during this cycle are the barbell lifts.  So if you typically miss one or both of those days, please discuss with your coach so that the work can be completed on the days you’re in the gym.




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