New Programming Lead starting August 5th

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New Programming Lead starting August 5th

We are excited to announce that our next CrossFit Group class programming cycles have been constructed by our very excited Coach DK (CF-L3)! With careful planning and staff review, we are all thrilled to present this next stage of programming starting August 5th!

Here’s what Coach DK has to share about taking leadership of the next programming cycles:

“Crossfit 416 is famous for some of the best programming in Toronto. I am honoured to be trusted with upholding that high standard!

My goal is to deliver programming that compliments the high standard of coaching by our team. I am passionate about what we do, and I want to help nurture quality movement that is demonstrated on a regular basis with a drive for intensity, all under the watchful eye of our Head Coach, Derya (CF-L2).

My first cycle will be about resetting the classics, testing the Girls, moving some dirt and setting a standard of movement, work rate and environment that we can uphold.”

For most, this programming will shine a light on how “fit” we are. CrossFit uses three different models for evaluating and measuring fitness.

The first is based on 10 general physical skills. The second is based on performance in athletic tasks, and the third is based on energy systems that drive all human action and activity. Each standard is unique in its ability to measure someone’s fitness or evaluate the effectiveness of a program. This article will provide insight into the first model.

“For all, the goal is still to get fitter, make classes the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam!”

Love & High Fives!

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