New Programming Cycle – June 2015

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New Programming Cycle – June 2015

We saw some awesome gains in the core barbell lifts over the last 2 months.  Our focus for the next 2 months will be Olympic Lifting.

What to expect:

The goal for this cycle is to further develop ability in the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk.

Level 1 athletes will focus on the power versions of the Snatch and Clean.  They will follow a linear progression in back and front squat, and further develop the Jerk.

Level 2 athletes will focus on the full version of the movements.  They will follow percentage based wave loading for back squats , but at a lower intensity than last cycle.  Pause front squats will be used to help develop the bottom (catch) position in the clean.

We are also going have some fun with pulling movements to increase capacity in pull-ups and muscle-ups.

As you know we have also programmed 2 baseline conditioning tests that we will re-test following the 8 weeks to measure improvement.  The first test is the classic CrossFit WOD “Isabel”, and the second is the CF 416 version of the Muscle-up Biathlon.



Monday – Snatch Complex + WOD

Tuesday – Back Squat + WOD

Wednesday – Pulling Work + WOD

Thursday – Jerk + Kettlebell Skill WOD

Friday – Clean Complex and Front Squats + f”AB” Friday WOD

Rest and Recovery

From reading the info above you know that we have created a cycle with 5 days of work. We are confident that the order of movements will allow for enough rest and recovery so that you will see strength gains. However it is very important for each athlete to listen to their body and take rest days if needed.


Developing proper movement patterns is critical for olympic weightlifting.  During our warm-ups, we will focus on training these patterns by practicing footwork, pulling and receiving positions, and bar path.

End of Cycle

The end of the cycle will culminate in the very first CrossFit 416 members Olympic Weightlifting competition.  More details to follow.

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