MINDSET: Defining Success – A Client Story

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MINDSET: Defining Success – A Client Story

Check out this client story from Jax:

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Coach Robyn one-on-one as a Coach. For those who know Robyn well, she is an artist and has a high value placed on Creativity. Robyn, like many of us, was struggling to move forward in some areas of life. A theme quickly emerged through a few discussions, the way she processed life and movement was around a strong desire to always have room to improve or grow. Such incredible and desirable traits for a person, clearly a Growth Minded individual. So what was tripping her up?

A word that kept coming up for Robyn in our discussions was Success. When I finally inquired as to what this meant for her, she paused thoughtfully, and said “It means I’m there, I’m done. I’m too young to be there and done.” I could envision this finish line in front of Robyn (or at least a vision of one). Rather than moving toward “success” or the finish line, she was keeping her distance, running in circles but never ending up closer to the finish line.

On reflection, Robyn equated her definition of success to her passion for painting. When I asked her to paint a picture of success, she described it with pops of intense colour everywhere, and negative space. Negative Space… what did that mean? She explained that she doesn’t like her canvas too full, it would feel overwhelming, she preferred to leave space. Did you catch the theme here?

Taking this image back to success, Robyn recognized that her definition of success was overwhelming her. Unknowingly, she was creating an “Upper Limit Problem” for herself. Essentially, stopping herself from further progress because she believed there was a limit. When given the chance to challenge and redefine Success for herself, Robyn’s mindset completely shifted. She wanted success to be characterized as ongoing successes. More than one. That she could continue to move the goal post as she went (opening up negative space to move into). The canvas would never be full.

Definitions are mostly created by us for ourselves. Few people have the same definition about anything in their lives. They are comprised of both an understanding of what a word means, with the added insight of our beliefs, experience and knowledge adding the ultimate shape to the meaning for us. Sometimes, the very things that are getting in our way are simply the definitions we are living our lives by. A small shift in definitions can change our mindset and expand our potential immensely.

What definitions are getting in your way?

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