Lifestyle Challenge Wrap-up

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Lifestyle Challenge Wrap-up

We started with over 50 participants, and in after a short 6 weeks we have seen some really incredible results. This time around we decided to focus on eating for specific goals in mind. Whether it was for weight loss or performance, we provided challengers with a template to time and portion macronutrients. For most people this was definitely a new way of looking at nutrition. And while pre-planning, measuring and tracking your food seems like a lot of work… is because it is! At least it is in the beginning. Once you figured out your individualized macronutrient needs breakdown, a little meal planning and some will power will lead you down a road towards success!

Based on the results we saw, those who stuck to the guidelines for nutrition, exercise and recovery… macronutrient timing absolutely works. Not only were participants losing fat but they were gaining muscle! Body fat percentages went down and performance in WOD’s sky-rocketed. Not too shabby.

So we are wishing a huge congrats to all that finished the Lifestyle Challenge! Let’s be completely honest; following the Challenge’s nutrition recommendations 100% of the time for the rest of your life is unrealistic. The suggestion would be to follow a few of the key recommendations that are doable in your world and make them habit. The goal of the challenge wasn’t to punish you for 6 weeks, but to show that health changes can be sustainable. To help you out a bit, here are some key recommendations to consider day-to-day:

Eating consistently: Never skip a meal, snack in between to prevent extreme hunger and overeating

Macronutrients: Make sure your meals have a combination of all 3 macronutrients unless you are continuing along with you weight loss journey! In that case, aim for one meal without a major carb source per day

Timing: Eat within that one-hour window post-exercise. This will help to minimize muscle loss and enhance protein synthesis i.e. the GainTrain

Drinking: Okay, this will never go away entirely, but taking a moderate approach to drinking is reasonable. Aim for no more than 14 drinks per week for men and 9 for women

Don’t feel guilty: So you slipped and had that cupcake or that greasy bacon cheese burger, now what? Move on! Enjoy it, don’t feel bad and get back to healthy eating the next meal. But don’t lie to yourself, be accountable for your cheats. If you truly want to continue to see changes in your fitness and body composition, treats should be kept to a minimum (1-2 times weekly).


Now…to announce the winners of the challenge. Congratulations to Scott Manderson and Sam West!!!

Winners were chosen based on changes in body composition, scores on the test WOD, and total points accumulated from the challenge. These two remained consistently high on all fronts as their results show. Scott lost a grand total of 18.9lb, and Sam (single handedly…literally) dropped 15lb all while still drastically improving their performance in their test WOD. Remember that thruster WOD?

Refresher: 75 Thrusters for time (105/75) *each time you break, you must complete 1 round of Nate (2 Muscle ups, 4 Handstand Push ups, 8 Kettlebell Swings)

Scott initially completed the WOD at 13:21 and 6 weeks later: 4:57!!

Sam completed a different test WOD due to the fact that she broke her wrist just before the start of the challenge. Her WOD was to complete 100 cal on the assault bike for time (ewww). Original time: 12:47 6 weeks later: 9:47. A 3-minute improvement on the assault bike is incredible and painful. These results just go to show that losing weight doesn’t have to mean losing strength and muscle.

Check out their amazing transformations:

image1 image3








We have one more winner to announce. Best performance! Congratulations to Paul Collins. Let alone his incredible results, Paul crushed the two mini challenges, and his consistent effort in and outside the gym definitely didn’t go unnoticed. He lost a grand total of 15lbs and improved his test WOD by 5:30. Awesome job Paul!

Finally, a special shout out to everyone who participated in the lifestyle challenge! We had our friends at Evolved Sport and Nutrition complete before and after body composition change measurements on participants who requested it. In just 6 weeks the average amount of total weight change was 14.7lb!! Although the scale doesn’t always tell us what we want to know (fat vs. muscle), calipers were used to measure before and after changes from the waist, hip as well as 8 skinfold changes. The average body fat percentage change was…. Drumroll please…. 2.6%! Wowzers! Here is a breakdown of the results

It is always amazing and inspiring to see our members challenge themselves in different ways and we applaud all of those who took on this round of the lifestyle challenge. We are always looking to improve and appreciate feedback from any of our members that participated so we would love to hear from you!

Special shout our to Marino and Julie who also wanted to share their amazing transformations!

image4 image2

Well done Team 416!! Until the next time.

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