Lifestyle Challenge Home Stretch

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Lifestyle Challenge Home Stretch

Hey guys!

We are now officially past the halfway point of the Lifestyle Challenge!! Home stretch from here!

By now you may be noticing some positive changes to your energy, fitness, and physique. A big “challenge” of the Lifestyle Challenge is not often the exercise, but the nutrition. Now that you are right in the middle of it, you have probably noticed some areas of your eating that weren’t, how do I put it, in line with your fitness goals. Was it that frozen pizza you always had in the fridge for those lazy meals? The creamy pre-made salad dressings? That buttered popcorn that you had in your cupboard for the times you were feeling snacky? If so, your kitchen likely looks drastically different and you should be proud of what you have accomplished so far.

If you are struggling and not seeing the progress that you had hoped for, remember it has only been 3 weeks! A safe weight loss/gain is typically 1-2 pounds per week. So don’t panic. And gaining muscle is EXTREMELY difficult and will often take even more time because skeletal muscle is so dense and complex. Have faith! If you haven’t noticed much of a change, ask yourself what might be the reason for that. Are you meeting all of the nutrition criteria? Are you more than -3 points for more than 2 days a week? Is drinking still a big part of your world? Are you sleeping 8 hours? Drinking enough water? Being honest with yourself about what are you putting into your body? If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the previous questions, then reassess what’s most important to you. You’ve got to want it bad enough in order to make change and see results.

Just a reminder that the closing seminar will be on Sunday Feb 21st at 10:30am. Emilie, our in-house dietitian, will close off with some more detailed information that pertains to sports nutrition. Plus, you’ll have a chance to try on a 20lb fat vest!! Also a reminder for those that did the body composition testing, your repeat test will also be that day.

To celebrate the Lifestyle Challenge, we will be hosting a potluck at CF 416 during the kick off to the Crossfit Open with our annual Friday Night Lights on February 26th. Enjoy some great food while cheering on your fellow CF 416 members!


Now for the results!!!!

Week 1 Team winners: Coach Rachel’s team with an average of 45.9 points. Each team member has been awarded 5 bonus points.

Week 1 Assault bike challenge: Coach Gys’ team with a whopping 258 total calories burned on the assault bike!! Each member has been awarded 10 bonus points. And team member Paul Collins has won a bottle of JaktRX fish oil for his valiant efforts on the assault bike (45 cal in 60s…..???)

Week 2 team winners: Coach Gys’ team averaging a total of 43.4 points. Each team member has been awarded 5 bonus points.

Just letting you know week 2 was extremely close (margin of 0.1 points between 3 teams) So teammates.. remember that each point makes a difference!!

Congratulation winners!! Stay tuned for our second Lifestyle challenge mini-challenge.


Yours truly,

Emilie and Rachel

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