Kipping Pull-up Progression

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Kipping Pull-up Progression

To develop the kipping pull-up, follow this progression.  Note that it is important to be able to complete 3-5 strict pull-up prior to working towards a kipping pull-up.

Your ability to move in and out of a hollow body to superman position is key to the kipping pull-up.  If you lack the stability or trunk control, your pull-up progression will start with the log rolls as shown in this video:

Kipping Pull-up #1

Maintaining active shoulders during your kip will ensure you are stable and effectively using your upperbody strength to execute the kipping pull-up.  This video shows active shoulders prior to starting a kipping motion.

Kipping Pull-up #2

Combining what you’ve learned in video #1 and #2 culminates in a kip.  Once you are able to keep active shoulders and move in and out of the hollow body and superman positions you will be ready to pull.  Timing of the pull is crucial to successfully getting your chin over the bar.  As shown in the video, when your wrist closes as you swing behind the bar, is your cue to pull.

Kipping Pull-up #3

Stringing kipping pull-ups together requires control of your body throughout the movement.  Once you have successfully pulled yourself above the bar, it is important to push back and down to ensure you will maintain some speed.

Kipping Pull-ups #4

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