Kipping Muscle-up Progression

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Kipping Muscle-up Progression

To develop the kipping Muscle-up, follow this progression.  Note that it is important to be able to complete 7-10 strict pull-ups, 7-10 ring dips, 7-10 kipping pull-ups prior to working towards a kipping muscle-up .

Fasle grip will be our first key to developing the kipping muscle-up.  The false grip is simply a way of grabbing the rings that places the wrist above the ring rather than below it. With the wrist above the ring, the transition into the dip becomes easier.  We want to practice our ability to maintain the false grip as we move in and out of the hollow body and superman positions in kip.  

Kipping Muscle-up #1

The ability to generate power through hip extension is very important in a kipping muscle-up.  This video shows how to practice the hip extension while holding a false grip.  Note in the video how your arms will stay long until the hips have extended.

Kipping Muscle-up #2

The turnover is the most challenging part of a muscle-up.  This video shows how to practice the turnover using a resistance band.  Speed is the key to this movement and you shift your weight from below to above the rings.

Kipping Muscle-up #3

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