June Athlete of the Month: Max Parisien- Lasalle!!

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June Athlete of the Month: Max Parisien- Lasalle!!



































I was born and raised in Montreal, I have 2 sisters and 1 brother that are my everything and in my household growing up sports were law.  For example you didn’t plan anything on Sunday because that was football day and football day was sacred.  I went to university in beautiful Peterborough, Ontario and moved back to Montreal after to work for National Bank Financial as a stock broker.  About 2.5 years ago I got transferred to the Toronto office to help grow our U.S. business  …  and here we are today.

I think like a lot of people I got drawn to CrossFit because of the competitive aspect of it. Once you’re done with University it’s harder to stay in competitive sports and CrossFit filled that void for me. Also, working in finance doesn’t come with the healthiest lifestyle so I was in desperate need of some balance.

Google maps brought me to 416 …   I had 2 weeks’ notice when moving to Toronto so I googled: CrossFit Gyms Toronto. Found the closest one to my work and showed up my first day living here.  I’ve been coming back ever since.

Back in Montreal I coached at my old gym (I do have my level 1, I know my flawless technique gives it away … it’s all about that early pull in the snatch …) so the first thing I noticed when I go to a new box is the coaching. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality here at 416. The attention to detail is extremely high and you can tell that this isn’t just a job for these girls and guys, it’s really a passion. In the 2.5 years that I’ve been here the coaching has only gotten better… weirder for sure… DK!!  but better.

I think the open this year was my bright spot at 416. For me personally, it went very well. I completed all of the 12 Muscle Ups in 18.3 those for sure were a challenge. But just the atmosphere in general was amazing.  Also judging people, encouraging them during workouts and seeing them going above and beyond what they thought they could do made the experience unforgettable.

I’m currently working on getting as jacked as Bilal all while trying to catch the athlete of the month of February. Jokes aside, I think my goals have changed a lot recently especially post the opens. I’m trying to make sure that every time I’m in the gym I’m enjoying myself and making sure training/going to the gym doesn’t feel like a chore. For me when I start taking it to seriously I lose focus as to why I do this and it sucks the fun out of it. Also, staying injury free is a big one, not overdoing it and knowing my limits.  No need to be a hero.

Well, since I don’t know how to pace myself and I’m all about redlining my ideal WOD would have to be a sprint. Maybe something like 30-20-10 burpees and box jump over. The kind of WOD where the shoes need to come off as you drop to the floor and adopt the fetal position. Actually Fetal Position would be an awesome name for it!!

I’m going to wrap this up with my favourite memory at 416 which also embodies the reason why Crossfit has become an integral part of my life. That memory happened while judging Matt Penny on 18.4 and he got his first Handstand Push up ever (even with the very challenging standard). Matt proceeded to come down from the wall and jump into my arms, it had been a long 3 years in the making for him!  The joy you get just from being present when someone PR’s or accomplishes something new is a feeling like no other and one of the reasons why I continue coming through that door.


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