June 2016 Athlete of the Month: Joise Klassen

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June 2016 Athlete of the Month: Joise Klassen

CrossFit 416 June Athlete of the Month is Josie Klassen.  Josie has been a member at 416 for almost 4 years now and has been consistently working hard and busting through barriers since day 1.

Below, we’ve given Josie a bit of an opportunity to tell us a little more about herself. Keep up the great work, Josie! Congratulations!

Give us a little background on yourself.

I had the pleasure of growing up on a vineyard in Niagara-on-the-Lake; which is likely where my inclination to pick up heavy objects developed.

My very first job was picking up rocks on the farm. Yup…  The city girl in me drove me to Toronto, where I continue to climb the Digital Marketing ladder, although I prefer climbing ropes.

How did you first arrive at CF 416? Do you remember your first workout? Tell us a little about it.

After years of routine workouts at a conventional gym, I recall my first day at 416 about 4 years ago now.  I arrived at the box slightly nervous.  I sat on the front steps and observed what was to be in the coming weeks/years.   My intro group class consisted of 7 ladies, and Jeff lol.

Daniele and Andrew were our coaches for the first 2 weeks. They provided meticulous instruction on all the basic Crossfit movements for a solid foundation.  I remember the initial WODs, using just the barbell, and thinking to myself: “Why is this so hard? I work out all the time!” And so it began.

What keeps you coming back?

Crossfit 416 is bar none the best workout experience I have had!  Thank-you to the entire coaching staff for your expertise, top-notch coaching, and wide range of great tunes that keep me coming back for more; and for never giving up on reminding me to keep my legs closed ha ha  🙂

416 is more than a place to get a good sweat.  Dan, the entire coaching staff, and all the members make it a place that I look forward to going every day.  After every grueling WOD, I leave feeling stronger, grateful that I’m able to lift tonnes of weight in mere minutes, and, sometimes, with a few lash marks here and there. ♥DU

What do you do for fun when you’re not picking up heavy things and putting them down?

Besides my affection for Crossfit, I love beach volleyball, kayaking, and anything outdoors.

What is the best place you’ve visited, and why?

One of my favorite destinations thus far is Costa Rica. It’s gorgeous, laid back, full of delicious pineapples, cute little monkeys, and there is lots to do, such as surfing & kiteboarding—quite scary!—and zip lining right beside a volcano. It offers fun for all!

Biggest TV/movie guilty pleasure?  

The Bachelor and/or Sex & the City.  I know…

Dream vacation?

Bali. It looks like an amazing place to visit.

If you had to be stuck on an island with one coach, who would it be and why?

Dan: because he’d likely start an outdoor box and I’d get all the bananas. (If you didn’t know, Dan loves bananas!)

Hypothetical scenario: Let’s say Dan was feeling generous and allowed you to program a WOD; what might that WOD look like?

Hmm…. It definitely would not involve running!  Maybe a mix of movements for time, something like:
10 Wall Balls, 10 Hang Cleans, 10 Front Squats, 10 Deadlifts, 10 Pull Ups

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice before your first CrossFit class what would you say?

Use tape!

Favourite cheat meal?

Tough question…  A bacon cheeseburger and Reese’s peanut butter cups paired with a nice cabernet sauvignon.  Not necessarily in that order.


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