July Athlete of the Month: David Glover!!

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July Athlete of the Month: David Glover!!

I moved to Canada in November 2018 with my then fiancée, now wife Tara (who has recently also joined CF416!) from the UK. I run internal projects for one of the large Canadian banks. The opportunity to move to Toronto presented itself and given where we were in our lives and everything going on back home with Brexit it seemed the right time to try something new. It was originally meant to be a 2 year placement with an option to stay but that quickly morphed into a permanent move from day 1.

I’d been training in a gym in London with a trainer for several years, primarily as a means to support motor-racing. At the time, I was participating in an endurance Karting championship across the UK with a couple of 24 hour team races thrown into the mix for good measure. I found my fitness was lacking and that was resulting in not being able to maintain the requisite level of concentration over a long stint. Split second decisions in that environment can have some fairly profound consequences (I’ve had a couple of “incidents”!).

When I knew we were moving to Canada, I asked one of the UK trainers who happened to be from the Toronto area for gym recommendations & she suggested I try Crossfit. Having seen coverage of “The Games” I was vaguely aware of Crossfit and started looking into it.

Once Tara & I had gotten ourselves sorted with a place to call home, I had a look around for Crossfit gyms and 416 was conveniently located for both work and our apartment. I popped in one evening to have a look around and liked what I saw. The dog chilling out at the front desk also helped sway me!

My first impressions on walking into 416 were massively positive – a great energy about the place, everyone working incredibly hard (certainly harder than I was used to seeing in a “conventional” gym) & the EDM turned up to eleven. That hasn’t changed in the slightest but I have also come to realise there is a community with a bunch of great people.

Arecent bright spot was finally “getting” toes-to-bar. Like so much in Crossfit, it was all about deploying technique. The “ah-ha!” moment came when Marino’s body position relative to the bar was pointed out during a demo.

Crossfit has clearly highlighted where my relative strengths and “areas for improvement” lie! Anything involving weight overhead (snatches, thrusters & overhead presses) is something I need to improve; I’m currently working on those by ensuring I attend sessions when they’re programmed, however I expect I’ll either sign up to one of Hannah’s “Barbell Breakdown” cycles or book a few 1:1 sessions to focus on these movements.

Other than that, I’m working on double-unders if only to stop whipping myself with the rope (plus avoid having to do 2x the number of reps as singles – thanks DK) plus I’d like to be able to perform a muscle up before the year is out

…and my mobility, or lack thereof, is an absolute joke; that definitely needs work.

I particularly like the longer workouts which also test mental resilience  – getting into an uncomfortable place and maintaining for longer periods so I’d want a WOD that’s ~25-30 mins long. I’d also want to include a combination of things I’m (relatively) good at (running/rowing) as well as some of my weaknesses (O/H weights, wall balls). Throw those constituent parts together and you get:


Hoof (It was a nickname I picked up back in the UK)

Part 1: 13 min AMRAP

Buy in: 800m run
6 cal Row
6 thrusters

—— 3 min rest ——

Part 2: 13 min AMRAP

Buy in: 800m run
10 wall ball
6 hang power snatch

Score: total rounds completed


My favourite 416 memory is Murph day in May. That morning, there was a fantastic atmosphere building up to the WOD with a heady combination of nerves, expectation, excitement, trepidation with members swapping tactics and tales of Murphs gone by. The building came alive after the first run & I certainly fed off the energy while grinding out the middle portion. At the end, despite the place looking like a crime scene, the collective sense of achievement was incredible. I can’t wait to do it again next year (Rx?)

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