July 2016 Athlete of the Month: Allie Carson

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July 2016 Athlete of the Month: Allie Carson

Give us a brief introduction about yourself:

My full name is Allison Elizabeth Anne Carson, but you may know me as Athlete Allie. I am 23 years old and I like people, caffeine, dance classes, and country concerts. I was born in Edmonton AB and have lived in Ottawa, Dallas and Halifax since then but now I call Toronto (the 6) home (or is it the 9 now?? #views).

When did you join 416, where did you come from, what do you do outside of slammin’ bars and nailin’ PRs?

I joined CrossFit 416 in January 2016. I had just moved to Toronto from London ON. Outside of SLAMMIN’ bars and KILLIN’ PRs I am a full time graphic design student and I have a part-time job. When I’m not doing schoolwork I’m typically watching shark tank, at the grocery store, hitting up the track for some sprints, or doing pretty much anything else you can do in the sun.

How did you get involved with CrossFit? Tell us about your first workout, or any other memorable tales along the way.

Before CrossFit I played basketball, volleyball, rugby and I swam. I also competed in Muay Thai and as a black belt in Taekwondo.

I had been an athlete all my life, but was in-between sports when I came across CrossFit. I saw a video of someone doing 21-15-9 kettlebell swings and double unders. I had never seen anything like it, why were they moving so fast, and why was it so short?! I tried replicating the workout myself and absolutely died. I instantly needed to know more, so I searched up crossfit.com and YouTube for any workouts I could find that included the equipment I had (medicine ball, kettle bell, skipping rope). My first few months of CrossFit took place in my driveway and my backyard. My neighbors thought I was a little nuts. Soon I found a gym in my area and joined.

Since then, I have competed at countless local competitions (Beach WOD, Sweat Rx, CompWOD etc.), which are always an amazing experience. In 2014 I had the opportunity to compete at Canada East Regionals on a team for CrossFit Hybrid Competitive. My current goal is to make it to Super Regionals within the next few years.

As someone who’s been active in the world of competitive CrossFit, you’ve recently made the switch to our fitness programming stream. People may find this somewhat weird. Why did you decide to switch to the fitness programming?

I decided to focus on following the fitness programming because it is exactly what I need to do right now. I’m going to be honest and say that before I started doing the fitness programming I never looked twice at it, I just assumed it was the “easier option” and there was no way I could benefit from it. I could not have been more wrong. I could not have made a better choice in regards to my fitness by making this change! These workouts are sneaky! They look so simple on the board, but absolutely crush you when you hit them full throttle. By following the fitness program, I am becoming more fit while improving my weaknesses and imbalances by utilising dumbbells and kettlebells, and focusing on perfecting my movement patterns.

Although it’s exciting to snatch, clean, and do muscle-ups, while doing these complex movements, my body was overcompensating for imbalances, and that is not a recipe for having a fit, healthy body in the long run.

I decided to take a step back from Olympic lifting and complex gymnastics to ensure that my body will be primed for them when I do reintroduce them back into my workouts. It’s easy to blow past the fitness program in pursuit of that competitive edge but the fitness workouts shouldn’t be overlooked! Having a solid base before heading into performance key. #fitnessisfun #ilovefitness

What is your favourite “Girl”? Why?

LOL shockingly my favourite girl workout is Diane 21-15-9 deadlifts and HSPU. I like the descending rep scheme coupled with two of my favourite movements.


If you had to eat a certain food as your snack food every time you snacked for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Butter popcorn flavoured rice cakes with almond butter and strawberry jam on top.

How do you take your coffee?

Strong and black.

If you could have a theme song that played every time you entered a room, what would it be?

“Strive” by A$AP Ferg, Missy Elliott. If you’re reading this and have not heard that song YouTube it RIGHT NOW!

Tell us something about yourself that someone might never guess. What is your hidden talent?

I can juggle and used to be able to ride a unicycle because I legit wanted to join the circus.

What kind of fitness goals motivate your work in the gym? Tell us a little bit about what goals you’re looking to achieve in the gym.

Just being around other people working hard motivates me. If I want to take a break but other people who are literally dying are still going it’s like “Wow Allie get back at it”. My main goal is to make it to regionals so that includes simply trying to be the most well rounded athlete I can be and being better than yesterday every day. Also there is this one quote Josh Bridges says in an interview where they’re like “Josh you’re an animal, how can you just keep going” and he’s like “well, if I feel like stopping I ask myself if I’m dead, and if I’m not, then I keep going”.

Favourite cheat meal

Ben and Jerry’s half-baked with Golden Grahams Cereal on top

If you were stuck on a deserted island with one coach, who would it be and why?

Andrew, because he would make us swing coconuts like kettlebells, or something like that. (#kettlebellmaster) To be honest, any one of the coaches would be hilarious to be stuck with. (#coachlove)

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