January 2018 Athlete of the Month: Laura Beckford

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January 2018 Athlete of the Month: Laura Beckford

I grew up in the Boston area, but to most Canadians’ disappointment I don’t have a wicked thick Boston accent. My Dad lives in New Hampshire in the middle of nowhere, so I’m a little bit of a country bumpkin. Maybe like, 25% bumpkin. When I’m at home we ride dirt bikes, shoot guns, and feed our chickens sugar cookies. The other 75% of me loves living in the city and pretending to be cool by hanging out at hipster bars with arcade games in them.

I’ve been working as a Project Manager at a digital agency for the past 5 years. I spend my time leading a team of creatives and technologists that design and build things (mostly websites) for large companies.  Think “Mad Men”, but with the internet.

My grad school program involved a lot of traveling; we lived in France and China for 4 months each and most of my classmates were not from the States. I ended up moving to Toronto 2.5 years ago as an indirect result of that program and love it here!

I tried Crossfit because a former roommate of mine in Boston convinced me to check out her gym during a particularly snowy/boring winter. I never played a sport before, yeah I know what you’re thinking, “She looks like an elite Olympic athlete, there’s no way she didn’t play for a D1 University at least”. Believe it people. I would have been too intimidated to try Crossfit so I’m really glad I joined her.  

When I moved to Toronto I started working out at CF416 because it was the closest box to my office, and I was hoping to find a community as fun as the one I had in Boston. My first impression of it was that it was a little small and the group was kind of intimidating. The gym has evolved A LOT since then. The larger space was a game changer, and ever since we moved to it the vibe is more open and friendly. I feel like CF416 is way more social now, and members are very open about giving each other advice and support. I also love that there are two coaches for each class…we have some amazing coaches and their passion adds a lot to the atmosphere.

One of the first times I was really proud at CF416 was the day I got 30 unbroken doubleunders, those things are so frustrating. A more recent one was when I ran by first sub 8 minute mile at GRIT!

I just spent 3 weeks on vacation in Thailand in November, and then went home for Christmas so needless to say I have been eating and drinking a lot. Right now I’m focusing on losing that extra fluff and eating healthy. I really want to do well in this year’s lifestyle challenge, maybe even win. Watch out everyone!

If I were to create a WOD:

“Bieber Fever”

AMRAP: The length of 3 Bieber songs (coaches choice)

10 KB Swing

10 Power Clean

10 Bar over Burpee

Something that sticks in my mind as a great memory at CF416 was the day I walked in and there were soft boxes. I fell on a wooden box a long time ago and was scared to jump on them after that…I always felt stupid during WODs with box jumps. I did my first box jump in 2 years once we got the soft boxes.  Thanks for investing in those, Dan!

Generally, what I love about CF416 is that even when I show up grumpy after a crappy day, I never feel like that after the WOD. Thanks to everyone who encourages me, you guys are great!


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