Endurance Update – Fall 2016

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Endurance Update – Fall 2016

What a month it has been in Endurance!

A big round of applause for Derya as she completed a monstrous mountain run of 42 km in 13 hours in Turkey! Fatima ran the 10km Longboat Race and finished with a time of 54:04 and demolished her goal of sub 56:00, she now has her sight set on a 15km race before the end of the season. Grant is well on his way to crushing his 5km time of 23:30 after having to change his original goal of running sub 25 minutes.

Our final session of Endurance is just around the corner on Sept. 27 and will last for six weeks, you can sign up here

If you haven’t done any Endurance classes all summer don’t fret, you can transition into this cycle as scaling options are always provided and running drills are thoroughly explained each class. If you are a seasoned vet, we will have even more challenging runs this session bringing it back to traditional interval track workouts on Tuesday’s and traditional sprints on Thursday’s. Oh, and a fun Halloween run for everyone to look forward to.

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