Endurance Program News – June 2016

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Endurance Program News – June 2016

The Early Summer Endurance cycle kicks off on June 7th! We will be expanding on this session by introducing more strength into the running stride through plyometric movements, body weight exercises and weighted exercises emphasizing proper mechanics of running. After coach Alanna took the Aerobic Capacity course by Chris Hinshaw, she has some new tricks and methods to test your lactic threshold and push your training to a new level.

If this is your first Endurance session, don’t worry! We’ll provide scaling options, which will allow you to get out of your comfort zone, but safely complete each WOD.

As session number one comes to an end, we would like to highlight some of the runners who accomplished their goals or improved their running stamina and form. Everyone who participated in this session did great!

Many members saw massive improvements throughout this cycle, besting their times over various distances. In the 10 K, Audrie bested her previous time by roughly 2 minutes, while Vanessa ran a 42:18—improving from 46:40 (HUUUUGE!)—Mal ran 52:07 from 53:52, and Albert improved by around 40 seconds. Artem, Chris, Heidi, Ken, Laura, Sheida and Stephen all ran impressive times and finished quite well in their respective races.

We would like to recognize Keren Kurtz, who has not missed a single Endurance class the entire cycle, despite the gruelling WODs. Way to go, Keren! You are this session’s iron-woman! Every day she puts in hard work with a smile on her face and she just personal bested her 5 km time by whopping 10 minutes, running 30:29. Her stride and aerobic capacity have greatly improved and we couldn’t be more proud of her!

Welcome to all the new members to Endurance and if you are thinking about joining, we would love to have you join and get sweaty with us!

Keep your eyes peeled for our very first CrossFit 416 Track Meet, which will be taking place in July, and will be open to all members and their friends! More details to follow!


For more info visit: www.Crossfit416.com/endurance

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