Endurance 2016: What’s new this year

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Endurance 2016: What’s new this year

We’ve had all winter long to craft some fun, yes we said fun, and grueling running workouts for our CrossFit 416 Endurance program. If you are someone who cringes every time you read the three letter word “run” on the white board for a WOD then you might want to check out our Endurance 2016 program to give yourself the chance to enjoy running and feel like a gazelle while doing it.

The CrossFit 416 Endurance program is known for challenging elite runners while also giving people that are new to the sport the skills and training needed to reach their personal athletic goals.

This year we have some exciting advancements to announce:

Goal Setting Workshop: During each session there will be a goal setting meeting where each individual runner establishes short-term and long-term running goals. With the guidance of Coach AK tangible goals will be established that not only motivate the runner but also excite them about their training.

Video Review Session: A video reviewing session will be held at the halfway point to demonstrate areas of improvement and show the athlete how their stride is progressing. It will also offer existing members the chance to focus on form during the stages of their stride and hone in on strengthening moments of fatigue.

416 Track Meet! It’s time to put all the hard work to the test! This year CrossFit 416 is working to create our very first Track Meet. Start the chirping early and get recruiting for your relay team. This will be open to the public and non-Endurance members.

Races: Each session we have picked one Toronto race that we are encouraging all Endurance members to sign up for. There will be options to do other races in the session but the race chosen has been picked to allow athletes to track their progression over the season.

Location: We have some fun surprise locations that we are currently working on solidifying but this year our home base will be at Little Norway Park. If we are running at a different location advance notice will be given.

Milage days: On Saturday’s you will need to put in some extra love on your legs to attain your goals. Depending on what you wish to achieve these runs will be catered to distances and test runs that must be completed in-order for athletes to see the best results.

Wodify: We will be submitting and tracking our workouts through Wodify allowing athletes to keep on top of their progression and goals.

Parties: Don’t worry, we didn’t forget. Each session will have at least one social get together along with a bring-a-friend for free class on the same night.

As always if you have a question you can always reach out to Coach AK at the box or email Endurance@CrossFit416.ca with any questions.

Click here to sign-up for the upcoming Endurance program starting on Tuesday, April 5.

Race you to the field!

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