December Athlete of the Month: Catherine Filipe!

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December Athlete of the Month: Catherine Filipe!

I was born and raised in Toronto, and grew up along the Corso Italia area. I currently work downtown as a Labour and Delivery nurse.

I had been doing shift work for about a year, and felt really run down and tired all the time from the all the night shifts I had been doing. I had a gym membership but ended up socializing more with my friends that worked there then actually getting workouts in. I had heard about CrossFit through a friend at the time who talked about how different the workouts always were and that peaked my interest. I grew up swimming and running, so I thought that working out in a group setting would be more motivating then the current routine I was in.

I wanted to find a gym that was close to work, but that offered some sort of introductory class. After a quick Google search, I liked the flexibility of the Basics classes offered, and how 416 also focused in on nutrition and goal setting.

I remember walking in on a Sunday afternoon, during the Open, for my first basics class with Robyn. All I could think was “Wow, these are some of the fittest people I’ve ever seen. What am I getting myself into?!” Fast forward to my first group class where everyone was extremely supportive and helped me any way they could. Not much has changed since then – I’m still in awe of all of the really strong people at this gym. Whether you’re chasing a new PR or just trying to finish the workout, there’s always a group of people cheering you on.

My most recent proudest moment at CF416 has to be hitting a 110lb push jerk. I have a fear of lifting things overhead so that was a pretty big moment for me. There have been so many proud moments for me this year though. From finally getting double unders, being able to kick up to the wall to hold a handstand, and hitting bigger numbers with my lifts, I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for me in terms of CrossFit.

I think the great thing about CrossFit is that there’s always something to work on. I’d really like to finally get a pull-up, and to get better at gymnastics movements like toes to bar. I also really need to work on getting under the bar. I’m great at pulling the bar up to my chin, but that’s where it ends.

Catherine’s WOD

I’m thinking we could name the strength portion “Drop It Like a Squat” since I’m terrible at getting under the bar. Not entirely sure what to name the AMRAP though!

EMO2M x 6 – Establish a 3 rep max high hang power clean

Then a 12-15 AMRAP of
10 dumbbell clean and jerks (right side)
12 box jumps
10 dumbbell clean and jerks (left side)
15 ab mat sit ups

My favourite 416 memory is from participating in my first ever Friday Night Lights. There’s something about that atmosphere that really just gets you to push that much harder.

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