Debrief – CF 416 Rucking Challenge

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Debrief – CF 416 Rucking Challenge

Congratulations to those who took part in the first CrossFit 416 Rucking Challenge.

Here is a little recap:

We met on Saturday morning at the gym. Once we gathered ourselves, our brick laden backpacks and team weight (or burden as it became known), we set off for a little opening series of exercises in the park across the street. Our participants had their resolve tested early with some physical training and time in the sand. Based on the reaction, I think everyone’s ‘favourtie’ was the approximate 80 metre bear crawl (backpack on, of course).

We set off east along the waterfront after that. It was then that our group learned that crossing a bridge involved paying a toll tax – in this case: walking lunges. We took a stop to take in the view of Lake Ontario and for some more physical training. Working as a team really had its benefits here.

After our quick stop, we set off to catch the ferry to the Island. I had planned to get off at Ward’s Island, but one of our team members suggested that we depart at Hanlan’s. I think he was hoping we would visit the clothing optional beach. In fact, I think everyone was hoping we would. (We didn’t, btw. Maybe next time). We did however make our way to nice little part of the beach that happened to be covered fire ants. photo 1

The crew took to the water for some more physical training. Have you ever seen a caterpillar push-up?  After our stop here, we continued our walk along the shoreline. We passed a log that looked like it wanted to come along. The team took turns carrying it.

We headed towards the ferry after this, with a pitstop in the fountain for a shower to get cleaned up and group photo.

CF416 - (58)


Upon returning to the mainland, we made an essential stop at the Beer Store for a well earned refreshment.

Thanks again to those who took part. You all did a great job.  Special thanks to Bart for capturing the experience.

Let’s go for a little longer next time.


– Andrew

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