CrossFit Open Recap (So far..)

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CrossFit Open Recap (So far..)

Two down, three to go! We’re predicting an 8 minute AMRAP of dumbbell bench presses for 17.3.

The first two workouts have been remarkably different tests of fitness. We are incredibly proud of everyone who has endured those two workouts. Seventy-one of you guys have registered for the Open with our Team CrossFit 416. The turnout and support at these first two editions of Friday Night Lights has been great.

While the physical and mental grind that was 17.1, and the grip and soul crusher that was 17.2 are behind us, it is time to look back at some of the more memorable moments, and to highlight just a few of the amazing performances that you guys busted out these past two Fridays.

Although we could have easily nominated dozens of people for each evening, we have narrowed our prizes down to one outstanding male and female performer for every Open workout this year.

Our 17.1 Performers of the Night were Heidi Steinberg and Mark Janz. Mark ended up recording the fastest time within the gym, and Heidi showed a spirit and determination that were inspiring to all.

This past Friday, for 17.2, our outstanding performers were Ela Kuzma and Steve Cornelissen. Ela, who has been with us for just over a month now, managed to rep out far more pullups than she was expecting while attempting the scaled version, while Steve figured out bar muscle ups under pressure, blasting through an entire round of them, equalling far more reps than he initially anticipated.

While many of you are nursing ripped hands, sore glutes, tight hammies, and tender lower backs after these first two workouts, we hope that, despite the potential frustration of some of the movements, rep schemes, and weights used, you all have something that you discovered about yourself that you’re proud of, because as coaches and judges these past two Fridays, we have all seen so many amazing things shine through within our community of athletes. Go ahead, pat yourselves in the back! Whether it was mastering a new movement or weight, or mentally being able to go harder and further than you anticipated, all of you have changed and improved, in some form or another, as an athlete, due to the experiences.

We hope you’re all nervously anticipating what is to come in the remaining three workouts. As always, make sure you register your spot, either in one of the classes throughout the day if you are not participating in the Open, or within the Friday Night Lights slot, in order to receive a spot in a heat for the evening.

Keep your eye on our Facebook page for all of the details regarding Friday Night Lights #3. Bring on 17.3!

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