CrossFit 416 Daily – Wednesday, January 10th

News and Notes

If you are able to, please come out with some of your fellow 416ers to donate blood on January 13th. There are 2 time slots available at 11:00am and 12:45pm. Sign up at the front desk or shoot us an email at and let us know which time works for you!

Skills and Drills


On the minute for 12 minutes

Min 1: 0:20s Hollow Rocks + 0:20s Supermans

Min 2: Bar Taps

Min 3: Strict Pull-Ups or Kipping attempts



On the minute for 12 minutes

Min 1: 15 x Hollow Rocks + 5 x V-Ups

Min 2: 1 x Strict Pull-Up + 2 Chest to Bar + 3 Pull-Ups



16 min AMRAP

50 x Wall Balls (20/14)

40 x Sit-Ups

30 x Deadlifts (135/95)

20 x Pull-Ups

6 Important Dumbbell Movements to Master