CrossFit 416 Daily – Tuesday, March 17

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CrossFit 416 Daily – Tuesday, March 17

News and Notes:

  • Two more weeks of the Open, keep the good times rolling.  Make sure you’re monitoring your recovery.
  • Please do not leave your bags under the new benches overnight.  All bags will be removed

Picnic Club update from Crystal:

Good day everybody! It’s me again!

Once again, another amazing week of the open.  I think we had 5 people in total who got their first muscle-ups? Awesome.

I think I managed to eat a piece of honeydew melon, so last week’s winner is being determined entirely by vote:

Ewelina Sikora!! Your macaroons were so good people actually made a point to come up to me and vote for you.  So you win.  Congrats!!!

And now onto this week’s ingredient…

This week faced some controversy when choosing the ingredient.  Originally the ingredient was going to be nuts, but a rather serious conversation after 7 bottles of wine made us realize that some people are allergic, and might die.  We also decided that killing people is bad (watch this video), so then it was back to the drawing board for another good ingredient.

15.4 is….EGGS!!!!!  (or (N)EGGS!!! If you still want to use nuts AND eggs.  Wine makes us very creative.)

frog eggs

 So this week, make anything!! To give you some ideas, you can make:

–          Cake

–          Anything with mayo

–          Meringue

–          Cake

–          Cupcakes

–          Cookies

–          Custard

–          Anything fried in batter

–          Maybe cake again?

So everybody make your best cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and potato salads!  Get ready to eat the unborn!!!

Monday’s Whiteboard


Part A

On The Minute x 12

2 x Thruster

*build over 12 minutes, record total weight moved(eg. set 1 – 2 reps @95lbs = 190lbs moved)

Rest 5 min

Part B

On The Minute x 12

20 x Double Under

Max Push-ups

*record push-ups

Meal prepping, the key to keeping your diet goals

Inside the leaderboard

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