CrossFit 416 Daily – Tuesday, February 24

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CrossFit 416 Daily – Tuesday, February 24

For those of you that are new to Friday Night Lights will be introduced to spectators party or as it is more commonly called “Picnic Club”.

The Queen of “Picnic Club”, Crystal, is taking it up a notch this year.  Below is a note from her:

Here we go, friends.  Another round of Friday Night Lights.  Giddy up

I know you’ve all been waiting for it, and now Picnic Club is finally upon us!  ‘Tis the season! Rejoice! This time we are taking it to epic levels.  Allow me to present this year’s theme:

Picnic Club 2.0 – Iron Chef Edition

Every Monday of the Open we will be posting that week’s secret ingredient.  Everybody who brings in food will need to use it in whatever they bring.  Each week, a winner will be crowned for Best Dish.  Your photo will be taken and you will become famous!

Enough talk, it’s time to introduce this week’s secret ingredient….

15.1 is……Sweet Potato!

You can mash it, roast it, fry it…you can even use sweet potato flour to make pizza dough and bring in a pizza!  We don’t care!

The most fun was had when lots of people brought something.  So don’t be a boob and bring some food (oh and beverages.  It’s BYOB.)



Monday’s Whiteboard 


Bench Press

5-4-3-2-1 reps

-Build up each set




5 x Hang Power Snatch(95/65)

10 x Hand Release Burpees


How I cheat my way to “Shredded”


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