CrossFit 416 Daily – Tuesday, April 28

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CrossFit 416 Daily – Tuesday, April 28

News and Notes:

  • If you placed an order in the group Rogue order, your gear has arrived!  Pick up next time you’re in, and please bring payment if you haven’t already.

Monday’s Whiteboard



Level 1: 3×5  – 10 lbs from last week

Level 2: 3×5 @ 70% of 1RM



3 Rounds:

60 sec work at each movement

Calorie row

Ball Slams (40/20)

Ring Push-up

Box jumps(24/20)

*rest 60sec between full rounds

*score is total reps

*Rotate to next movement without rest



Lax ball shoulder/chest smash 60 sec each side

Lax ball butt smash 60 sec each side

Banded hamstring stretch


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