CrossFit 416 Daily – Thursday, March 5

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CrossFit 416 Daily – Thursday, March 5

News and Notes:

  • Reminder: Please take home your water bottles, so that we can get rid of all the unused ones next week
  • Friday Night Lights – Sign up before Friday to be sure that you’re put into a heat



“What do you mean I can’t have ____???”
“But I NEED my post-workout protein shake.”


“I miss my wine”
“It’s difficult… but I’ve learned how to cook for myself for the first time”
“I’ve lost like 15 pounds”


“I sleep a lot better”

“I can see my abs!”
“I feel great! This isn’t so hard”

As we have wrapped up the 6-week lifestyle challenge, I would like to extend a huge congratulations to all the members that took part. We have seen some incredible results!!!!

This challenge was a chance to create some change in everyday life in order to live a happier, healthier, pain free life. Whether it was to improve body composition, performance in the gym, or even life at home, there was something to be taken away from the past 6 weeks. It provided a chance for people to understand “clean eating” and put it into action. Some members had never cooked before, or even looked at the ingredients of a package bought at a grocery store, that itself was a huge eye-opener. For those who already had good eating habits, it gave them an opportunity to tighten up their eating and challenge their creative abilities in the kitchen. Who knew you could do so many things with a sweet potato?

Yes, it was a lot of water. Yes, the food restrictions were difficult. And come on… no booze? No fun. But the time spent either adding or restricting some of these things had a major impact on the results that we saw. Nobody is asking you to never indulge, or have a beer ever again… that would be weird. Don’t be weird! But now having been through it, you should be able to make informed lifestyle decisions based on what you experienced and how your body felt. Continue to educate yourself and be aware of what works best for you! That was the goal.

Now! To announce the winners!!!

Grand Prizes – 2 Months Free Membership!

Congratulations to Mike Bogias and Keren Kurtz!!! These two demonstrated outstanding consistency with diet, exercise and recovery over the past 6 weeks and their dramatic improvement in performance and body composition was a clear indication of all their hard work. Well done!!!

Category  and Team Winners 

Category Prizes – LCBO Giftcards

Most improved body composition: Brad Gibson & Amanda Secor. Totaling some of the highest points throughout the whole challenge, their changes in weight and before and after photos is proof that these guys really worked their “buns” off!!

Best performance improvement: Sarah Blake and Gareth “G$” Williams.  Not only were their points off the charts, but also day after day both members were at the gym 30 minutes before their class working on their mobility and stability. One injured, and one dealing with chronic mobility issues… after 6 weeks they displayed improvements with their movements and it translated into a huge performance win. Congrats!!

Winning Team – Congrats to Daniele’s team for showing consistent dedication week to week and earning points.

Wednesday’s Whiteboard


A1)Overhead Squat

3-3-3-3-3 reps – build up to a moderate weight – do not sacrifice form

Rest 20 sec

A2) 30 sec Side Plank hold each side

Rest 60-90  sec



7 x Burpee

7 x Box Jump(24/20)

7 x KB Swing(53/35)


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