CrossFit 416 Daily – Thursday, April 23

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CrossFit 416 Daily – Thursday, April 23

News and Notes:

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Wednesday’s Whiteboard

Skill Work

Spend 10 min working through a skill progression



Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 min

21 x Over the Bar Burpees

14  x Overhead Squat(95/65)

9 x Muscle ups

*Scale muscle-ups with 10 x Pull-ups, 10 x Ring or Bench dips



60 sec Shoulder Band Distraction each side

60 sec Banded vertical lunge stretch each side

60 sec Glute/hip smash each side


Endurance WOD

1. A. Warm up #2
1. B. Lunges 4 x 20m with plate overhead + 30 sec right side plank + 30 sec left side plank + 1 min plank

2. WOD: Hills
            3 x 6 sprints 
            – rest 3 minutes between sets
            – time each set

3. Cool down, jog back and work on: IT bands + calves


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