CrossFit 416 Daily – Thursday, April 16

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CrossFit 416 Daily – Thursday, April 16

News and Notes:

  • The shower and sauna room on the third floor is no longer available. We have a plan in place to provide showers, but unfortunately it will be about 2-3 months until that plan is executed.
  • Learn to use the rower with proper technique, April 26th during our Rowing Clinic.  Sign-up today
  • Wanna go for a run tomorrow night?  Try out our Endurance class, sign-up now on Mindbody

Wednesday’s Whiteboard 


Spend 10 min working on a skill progression



Complete as many rounds as possible in 17 minutes

5 x Muscle-ups

10 x Shoulder to overhead (95/65)

15 x Box jumps(24/20)

20 x Situps

*Scale muscle-ups with 8 pull-ups + 8 Hand Release Push-ups


Endurance WOD

1.A. Warm up #1 (10 min)

1.B. Box jumps (one groups goes: 4 rounds)
1.C. Football hurdles (2 forward, 2 sides)

2. WOD: Fartleks
2 x (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20,10)
5 min rest btwn

3. Cool down and stretch


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