CrossFit 416 Daily – Saturday, October 25

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CrossFit 416 Daily – Saturday, October 25


In Partners

complete a 12 min AMRAP Ladder:

2 x Box Jump(24/20)

2 x Ball Slam(40/20)

2 x Burpee

4 x Box Jump

4 x Ball Slam

4 x Burpee

6 x Box Jump

6 x Ball Slam

6 x Burpee


*Partners must split reps of each movement every round evenly


Run WOD(10am)

Tempo: Stadium Road South Park.
Warm-up: dynamic, strides, ABCs, strides.
WOD: Relay Race in teams: runner A 400m, runner B 300m, runner C 200,
Cool Down: jog back to 416 and roll out

*Score = each team finish time.

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